Nha Trang Apartments

Most of the tourists looking Apartments in Nha Trang is searching for the purpose of rent, although high demand the purchase of apartments.

Active construction of high-rise apartment buildings in Nha Trang started around 2013. Since the summer of 2014 foreigners are allowed to purchase apartments in multi-storey buildings.

Nha Trang apartments. Key Features.

If you want to rent Nha Trang apartment, you’ll know to understand a number of features:

  • One of the rooms can be without windows, or with a window corridor. The hotels rooms are called “no-view”. There are also the rank components with windows to the hallway.
  • Lack of heating. The average annual temperature in more than 28 degrees Celsius, so the heating is not necessary.
  • The bath is often only seen in premium apartments, or in expensive hotels. Usually, it is replaced with a shower. Sometimes, instead of shower faucet and shower from the wall and take the drain in the floor.
  • Waterproofing floor. In Vietnam the apartment does not need to be afraid that you poured the water and flood the neighbors. Most often done on the perimeter of the apartment floor waterproofing.
  • Low ceilings. Most Vietnamese short, why and ceilings in homes not too low (3.5 meters).

    Apartments in new houses Trang

New homes – high-rise buildings, built mostly on the first line after 2013.

  • Built-in furniture in the same style.
  • The walls are painted white (much rarer wallpaper).
  • On the floor, laminate or tile.
  • The nerve floor necessarily security and parking.
  • T Installed boiler.

Pros apartments in the apartment building:

  • 24 hour Security
  • Parking
  • Newly renovated lack of mold
  • Proximity to the sea and infrastructure
  • Payment of electricity and water is cheaper.
  • Cons no noticed.

Apartments in old houses

The bulk of the housing stock of Nha Trang. The houses are built along the road. The wall to wall. The width of approximately 4.5 meters facade, building depth of 20-25 meters. On the ground floor is usually a shop or cafe, the remaining floor surrender.

  • Some old houses windows are replaced with metal or glass shutters.
  • Dampness and mold smell. On Trang fairly moist climate, so in old houses and hotels there are rooms with mold.
  • No hot water in the traditional sense. Water tank mounted on the roof, heated by the sun, but the temperature is not immediately possible to notice (leading hot). If the sun was not a few days, the water may be cooler.
  • The windows of the lattice to protect against thieves.
  • The gates are closed at night and on the sliding metal shutters.

If you want to rent an apartment in Nha Trang in the new house – it is best to use the services of a management company or realtor. Typically, apartment owners living in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, and rent an apartment through an agent, so finding such an apartment itself is problematic.

Rent cost of $ 350 + utilities.

If you are looking for “a condo with a pool for $ 250,” then you will not find it. There have not yet built.

If you want to save money and hire a cheap accommodation in Nha Trang, look better on their own. To do this, in the first days of arrival in Nha Trang book a cheap hotel for a few days and go on a quest. Most often, owners of the house live on the first floor and you can negotiate with them directly.


  • Low price
  • The roof can be a terrace with barbecue where you can barbecue


We’ll have to roll the bike to the ground floor by yourself
No security
Utility bills more expensive and a half to two times. This is due to the fact that Vietnam electricity can be sold by private companies, so the price in different areas and even neighboring houses may be different.
The term of long-term lease in Nha Trang usually begins with three months. If you are coming for a shorter period, more profitable to book hotel.

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